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Our Roadside Assistance & Recovery Fleet

Here is the image gallery and short description of each of our roadside assistance and recovery vehicles.

The Furness fleet is very varied and every vehicle is chosen for any given incident based on its particular abilities.


Scania R114:460 is another ‘pulling vehicle’ with plenty of grunt. V10 FCC is similar to T10 FCC in its capability and performance. However, V10 FCC is constructed slightly differently with a top boom designed to give lifting capacity and advantage when dealing with heavy recovery of vehicles in off- road situations. In cases of major incidents V10 FCC and T10 FCC join together to form the ultimate ‘pulling machines’.


Iveco Spec lift of the fleet. This is designed to carry a vehicle and up to 4 passengers, primarily working up and down the roads and motorways.


Ford Transit Custom is one of our front line vehicles and a workhorse of our fleet. The van has been designed and built to provide roadside assistance, carrying on board various tools and equipment to provide the help as well as having the capability to recover a vehicle if it cannot be repaired at the roadside. The vehicle is fitted with an RDT “roadside Deployment trailer” and is invaluable in a tight spot

P999 FCC



Renault slidebeds, these sister wagons have been at the heart of our recoveries for some time now.

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For service, repairs & maintenance

For recovery & roadside assistance