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Our Roadside Assistance & Recovery Fleet

OUR fleet is bespoke, it’s very varied, every vehicle is chosen for any given incident based on its particular capabilities.


VW Volkswagen T5  is one of our front line vehicles and a workhorse of our fleet. The van has been designed and built to provide roadside assistance, carrying on board various tools and equipment to provide the help as well as having the capability to recover a vehicle if it cannot be repaired at the roadside. The vehicle is fitted with an RDT “roadside Deployment trailer” and is invaluable in a tight spot


Mercedes Atego 1623 is built to recover up to four vehicles. Primarily used for the recovery of accident damaged vehicles, this vehicle is designed and equipped to attend incidents involving multiple vehicles and remove all vehicles quickly and efficiently so that the road is cleared and traffic allowed to return to normal at the first opportunity.


ELI 504

Scania R470; EL1 504 is a real piece of specialist kit, but in practice is two pieces of individual equipment. Firstly, the Scania 470 tractor unit – adapted by us to our requirements and specification – can be used individually as a tractor unit or a towing vehicle using its onboard straight bar or combined with our Landoll RD48 low loader.

Landoll low loader

Our Landoll model RD48 which was built in the USA and imported to the UK. is designed with sliding axles which are ram operated, the trailer axles are powered forward – allowing the trailer to drop to ground level and providing a loading angle of under 6 degrees. Its primary use is the recovery of buses and coaches, providing a full lift capability, but can also be used to recover all types of commercial vehicles.

Due to its immense length and carrying capacity EL1 504 can be loaded with a fully loaded four axle commercial vehicle and even a complete articulated vehicle.


Iveco Eurocargo 100E220 is specially built to carry two vehicles and up to six passengers. FC08 FCC can be seen roaming the roads and motorways recovering and delivering vehicles and their passengers to various locations throughout the Northwest. This vehicle carries an array of equipment to deal with all situations.



Iveco Eurocargo 140E220 is one of the larger slidebeds in our fleet. GC58 FCC is designed to recover two vehicles and with its long slidebed it’s often the first choice for recovery of large vans, motorhomes and light commercials. And with additional power out ramps – GC58 FCC is ideal for the recovery of lowered vehicles and prestigious vehicles.

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