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Our Recovery Vehicles in action

Here are some recent case histories of recoveries we have undertaken.

Because every incident is different, the recovery vehicle we send to the location and the methods we use to assist and recover are also different.

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Recovery 5

Attended with our commercial underlift T10 FCC, this vehicle had been caught out by the soft ground to the side of the road. The icy road conditions made matters worse and caused the vehicle to slip further off the road. Positioning our recovery vehicle to the rear of the casualty vehicle and performing a side-winch, the rear of the casualty vehicle was winched back to the road surface.

Once back on hard standing the vehicle was checked over and able to carry on with its journey.

Recovery 6

A simple incident to be taken care of by one of our spec-lift recovery vehicles, the casualty vehicle had left the road and become wedged between the roadside wall and hedgerow. Using the winching equipment, the casualty vehicle was winched clear of the wall and hedgerow and back to the road surface without any further damage.

Another successful recovery.

Recovery 7

Attending this casualty vehicle with our hi-ab accident unit P999 FCC, the casualty vehicle had left the main road and passed over the roadside hedgerow, ending upside down in a field. Using the hi-ab, we firstly righted the vehicle and then lifted the vehicle from the field onto the recover body of our vehicle.

Once complete, the vehicle was secured for transportation and the area cleared of debris. The casualty vehicle was recovered to our base to be stored and was later collected by a salvage agent on behalf of the vehicle insurance company.

Please note, no persons were injured in this vehicle resulting from the accident.

Recovery 8

A complex recovery, but no problem for us! This vehicle had pulled over to let another vehicle pass not realising, because of the long grass, that there was a large deep roadside beck to the side. The vehicle had dropped into the beck and was only been supported by the grass embankment on the passenger side of the vehicle. It had dropped so far into the beck that the rear axle was forced onto the road surface.

Due to the narrow access road to the casualty vehicle location the only vehicle that we could access and perform the recovery of the vehicle was  one of our spec lift recovery vehicles based at our Crooklands premises. Reversing our vehicle some distance and positioning it to the front of the casualty vehicle and attached our winching equipment to the front suspension of the casualty vehicle. However, it was too far in and wedged solid, so we had to use stone from a roadside wall to build up a road for the vehicle to be winched onto and gradually increased in order to bring the vehicle level.

Once the front end was up and out we re-positioned our vehicle and with one final winch the vehicle was out! After a quick check over, the vehicle was fine to carry on its way, without any damage caused during the recovery process.

This recovery was carried out by Paul Grainger and Gary Grieve with great success.

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